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For Graduate Assistants

Template CWRU Teaching CV

Please use this template (delete the comments!) and maintain your Teaching CV each semester. Please name/date the file: LastName_CV(Date) and link it to your Graduate Portfolio each semester.  This document does NOT replace an official, full CV for any other purpose – it is a CWRU-specific document!

200-Level English Courses & University Seminar Proposals

Please see Blackboard (“Case Writing Programs” then choose the folder for “Courses We Teach”) for instructions on how to submit your proposals for stand-alone teaching at the 200-level and/or in SAGES.

  • Fall Teaching proposals are due the first day of classes in the preceding spring semester (i.e., early January);
  • Spring and Summer Teaching proposals are due the first day of classes in the preceding fall semester (i.e., late August).

English Graduate Program Calendar

The Events section of this website displays public information about Writing Program activities.  The calendar embedded here (“English Graduate Program Calendar”) displays information about required staff meetings, EGSA meetings, and other events (e.g., graduate program workshops, etc.).  Note: you may add this calendar to your personal Google account by clicking on the +GoogleCalendar icon in the lower right corner of the calendar.

During Orientation Week, the Fall 2016 Writing Program Calendar was distributed (this document was complete as of 8/22/2016). Please note that updates will be available on this online calendar.


Page last modified: June 22, 2017