Foundational writers may struggle with conventions of academic writing, good habits and processes for developing academic essays, and/or grammar, mechanics and syntax. These writers may have taken a Foundational First Seminar in which they received more intensive writing instruction and more individualized attention to their writing abilities. But they may continue to have difficulties with their writing beyond the First Seminar. It is important that we provide them with continued, appropriate assistance. This can be done in your class by you or a writing instructor, or through various support services such as the WRC, Peer Writing Crew, or supplementary coursework.

If your review of a student’s writing samples and assignments in the first few weeks of class suggests that s/he has foundational issues, you should contact Martha Schaffer to review the student’s writing and consult with you on what teaching practices and/or support services will best suit your student’s needs.

For More Information, Please Contact:

Martha Schaffer, JD, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Composition
Campus Phone: 368-2452