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Graduate Dean’s Instructional Excellence Award

The Writing Program coordinates the nominations for this award on behalf of English, SAGES, and Educational Services for Students (ESS). For more information about the award, please visit: http://case.edu/gradstudies/faculty/graduate-awards-nominations/.


Writing Program Award Recipients


2016      Erin Blakeslee (English)
2015 Thom Dawkins (English)
2014 Eric Earnhardt (English)
Catherine Forsa (English)
Michael Parker (English/SAGES)
Jessica Slentz (English/SAGES)
2013 Cara Byrne(English/ESS)
Jason Carney (English/SAGES)
Nicole Emmelhainz (English)
Kristin Kondrlik (English/SAGES)
2012 Mary Assad (English)
Catherine (Kate) Dunning (English/SAGES)
Marcus Mitchell (English)
Monica Orlando (English/SAGES)
2010 Wells Addington (English)
Daniel Anderson (English/SAGES)
Hannah Rankin (English)
Rachael Volokhov (Psychology/SAGES)
2009 Cassandra Freudenrich (English/SAGES)
Samiya Ilmudeen (English/SAGES)
Danielle Nielsen (English)
2008 Tasia Hane-Devore (English)
Brandy Schillace (English)
2007 Gabriel Rieger (English)
Jamie McDaniel
Liz Olson (Anthropology/SAGES)
Ken McGraw
2006 Barbara Burgess-Van Aken (English/SAGES)
Iris Dunkle
Kimberly Hyde
(Art History/SAGES)
Chalet Seidel
2005  Ehren Pflugfelder (English/SAGES)
2004 Darcy Brandel (English)
Narcisz Fejes (English)
Elizabeth Sirkin (English)
2002 Heather J. Kichner (English)
Brenda Renee Smith
2001 Brian David Reed (English)
Bradley James Ricca (English)
2000 Leslie Ann Kaplansky (English)
Traci Arnett Pipkins (English)


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