Writing – defined broadly to include oral, visual, digital, and inscriptional modes of communication – is essential to all academic and civic endeavors. Writing enables scholarly exchange of ideas; it facilitates civic and professional participation; it inspires creativity and innovation; it transforms students into leaders, activists, inventors, artists, teachers, and citizens of the world.

The CWRU Writing Program’s mission is to ensure that all students develop sophisticated communicative strategies through understanding their own writing processes; assessing the contexts and audiences for their ideas; and articulating their messages clearly, passionately, and persuasively.

Nominate Faculty for Excellence in Writing Instruction by Friday, March 22

SAGES and the Writing Program are pleased to announce that we are seeking nominations for two awards for excellent writing instruction. You may nominate a teacher, a colleague, or yourself online here:  Teaching Awards for Writing Instruction (AY 2018-2019). Read more about the awards here.

Celebration of Student Writing & Research, 12/7/18–Register your SAGES classes by Monday, 10/29 & Workshops to Prepare

Do you want to give your SAGES class a meaningful opportunity to engage in academic dialogue by sharing their writing and research with fellow students and faculty judges? Then it’s time to register for the Celebration of Student Writing and Research on Friday, December 7—the last day of the...

5 Things to Know about Comics


5 Things You Should Know about Poetry

The Writing Program's own David Lucas shares thoughts in honor of National Poetry Day and in anticipation of this year's common reading Sarah Kay's No Matter the Wreckage. Rea more here: http://thedaily.case.edu/5-things-to-know-about-poetry/.