Writing – defined broadly to include oral, visual, digital, and inscriptional modes of communication – is essential to all academic and civic endeavors. Writing enables scholarly exchange of ideas; it facilitates civic and professional participation; it inspires creativity and innovation; it transforms students into leaders, activists, inventors, artists, teachers, and citizens of the world.

The CWRU Writing Program’s mission is to ensure that all students develop sophisticated communicative strategies through understanding their own writing processes; assessing the contexts and audiences for their ideas; and articulating their messages clearly, passionately, and persuasively.

The Writing Program is committed to creating inclusive classrooms where students and faculty are challenged to encounter differences (of background, of experience, of perspective, of intellectual commitments) and to respond by engaging respectfully and thoroughly.  We aim to create “brave” spaces, where complex topics and concepts are explored using critical and creative thinking and where people are respected. Read more about Our Values.

Student Writing Awards Announced

The SAGES First and University Seminar Essay Prizes recognize the best writing that students produce in their First and University Seminars. These essays are chosen from those nominated by SAGES seminar leaders each semester. The First Seminar Awards are judged in January and recognized at the Celebration of Student Writing...

Writing Faculty Awards Announced

The annual Writing Program Awards honor excellence in the teaching of writing. Our award ceremony, like all of our spring semester celebrations, has unfortunately been canceled, but our honorees are worthy of acknowledgment nonetheless. This year, each faculty recipient has shared in their own words an aspect of their philosophy or practice for fostering their students’ development as writers. Read about their teaching philosophies and practices here: Announcement of Writing Program Awards (May 2020).

WRC to Provide All Online Consulting Beginning WED, March 18

The Writing Resource Center (WRC) will reopen on Wed., March 18, and will offer remote instruction with expanded early morning and late night hours.  All WRC consultations will be scheduled and conducted through our WC Online system. To schedule a new WRC appointment, please go to the WRC Schedule and make an appointment.

CWRU to Use Remote Teaching 3/18 to 4/6. Online Resources Available.

CWRU is suspending in-person classroom teaching due to issues around COVID-19. To allow faculty time to prepare for this transition, all classes (on- and off-campus) are canceled Monday and Tuesday (March 16-17). Remote education will commence Wednesday, March 18. As of this writing, we plan to continue this approach through...