Resources for Oral Communication

SPEAK: How to Talk to Classmates and Others is a concise, engaging guide to developing, organizing and presenting a public talk. 
SPEAK covers such topics as the three key rules of public speaking; developing a key message; understanding your audience; 
organizing, writing and presenting the talk, tips for using visual aids and PowerPoint; and words and phrases to avoid. SPEAK also has a list of useful resources and a rubric for evaluating a talk. Contact SAGES ( for more information about obtaining a copy of SPEAK.

Dr. William Doll, the author of SPEAK and a Presidential Fellow, visits many SAGES seminars to provide free workshops on the essentials of public speaking. Workshops can be scheduled by contacting Bill at or 216-721-2542. Sarah deSwart, a professional actress and presentation trainer and the assistant director of UCITE, will also be available for many of the workshops.

SAGES has a public speaking checklist, talking tips, and exercises on eliminating wordiness. These are available on the SAGES Blackboard site. Click on “SAGES” under “Courses in which you are enrolled” at the upper right under the course listings to find this material.