Writing Resource Center

The Writing Resource Center (WRC) provides individualized support for academic writers across the university. Our writing consultants provide hands-on instruction specifically tailored to individual writers’ goals. The WRC also offers in-house programming such as workshops and student and faculty writing groups, and our consultants conduct classroom visits and writing-oriented programs across campus. Whether we are working with undergraduate students engaged in their general education or graduate, post-doc, and faculty writers working in more specialized fields, we encourage visits from writers at any stage of the writing process — from understanding contexts for writing and interpreting assignment prompts, to revising and organizing ideas. Our instruction emphasizes:

  • Helping writers to understand their own writing processes
  • Helping writers to recognize the aims and purposes of their writing, including discipline-specific contexts and audiences
  • Helping writers to recognize the rhetorical choices available to them as writers within particular academic genres
  • Helping writers to articulate their ideas clearly and persuasively
  • Helping writers to recognize and to value the collaborative nature of writing


The Writing Center is located in Room 104, Bellflower Hall. (Building 5A on the Campus Map). We also have satellite locations on in Nord Hall, the 1st floor of Kelvin Smith Library, and in the SAGES Café. The nursing student writing tutor is located in the Student Services Office of the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing.  We also offer online consulting.