Writing Program Awards Ceremony Honors Excellence in Writing Instruction

The English Department, SAGES, and the Writing Program are pleased to recognize this year’s winners of teaching awards.

The Jessica Melton Perry Award for Distinguished Teaching in Disciplinary & Professional Writing recognizes outstanding instruction in writing in professional fields and/or disciplines other than English. This year’s winners are Frank Ernst, the Leonard Case Jr. Professor of Engineering and Chair of Materials Science & Engineering, and Jonathan Sadowsky, the Theodore J. Castele Professor of History.

The SAGES Excellence in Writing Instruction Award recognizes outstanding commitment to and success in teaching academic writing to CWRU undergraduates in SAGES. This year’s winners are Dr. Eric Chilton, a Lecturer of English and SAGES Teaching Fellow, and Dr. Kristine Kelly, a Lecturer of English and SAGES Teaching Fellow.

The WRC Excellence in Consulting Award recognizes outstanding writing instruction for students of the University and exemplary service to the Writing Resource Center during the academic year. This year, the winner is Anthony Wexler, Lecturer of English and SAGES Teaching Fellow.

You can see the full program and announcement for the event on the Writing Program Awards Ceremony page.