Commonplace Book

We in the Writing Program are committed to writing that matters.  We have begun to collaborate with First-Year Experience and Family Programs to share personal essays intended for our undergraduates (and their parents).  Watch this space for periodic updates!

2/20/20: Gusztav Demeter, Coordinator of ESL Writing, shares thoughts on “Multilingual Students’ Perspectives: Making the Leap from an FSEM to a USEM.”

1/9/20: Martha Schaffer, Associate Director of Composition, shares thoughts on new beginnings in “Getting into the Mindset of a New Semester.”

12/5/19: Anthony Wexler, SAGES Teaching Fellow & 2019 recipient of the WRC Excellence in Consulting award, shares his advice for undergraduates in “Welcome to the Writing Resource Center.”

10/24/19: Michael Householder, Associate Director of SAGES, shares his thoughts on the “dents and scratches” that appear on all of our academic transcripts: Read on to see why that first “C” is not the end of the story.