Writing Program Calendar

The Events section of this website’s homepage displays information about Writing Program activities.

Please note that updates will be made via the Writing Program Public Events Calendar, so please add this calendar to your personal Google account by clicking on the +GoogleCalendar icon in the lower right corner of the calendar, or searching for “writingprogram@case.edu” in the Add Calendar box in the left menu of your Google calendar page.


Spaces for Meeting Your Students

Writing faculty spend a lot of time with students – and while private office space is often ideal for these meetings, there are other spaces to consider (to help you accommodate your officemates and students’ needs). There are spaces across campus—some more private than others—available to you as you determine your meeting/advising schedule(s) with your officemates.

  • Bellflower 207 has a public calendar that allows you to see when it’s available (http://writingcenter.case.edu/bellflower-hall-calendar/). It can be reserved online by emailing writingcenter@case.edu.
  • The conference room in the Women’s Center (2nd floor of the Tink) can be reserved through the center (contact Lisa Nielson, len12@case.edu).
  • The two tables in the glass cubicles behind the SAGES café can be reserved; the sign up sheets are by the mailboxes in the middle of the room.
  • The Guilford Lounge (room 223) is also potentially available at certain times. You can reserve it by using the (paper) calendar hanging outside of the door.
  • There are spaces in Thwing that have potential for meeting with students—for example, the atrium and private tables on the third floor and scattered around the building.
  • There are many tables around KSL that could be used to meet with students (but unfortunately no rooms that can be reserved for that purpose)

Reserving Bellflower Hall (WRC) Space

Writing faculty have access to a few additional spaces – for occasional seminars, workshops, and/or office hours/student consultation.  Among those spaces are two rooms in Bellflower Hall (Room 207 – a small conference room, suitable for seminars up to 12 students; and Room 102 – the larger seminar room, suitable for classes up to 20 students).

Priority for scheduling these spaces goes to WRC consultations and ENGL 180 instructors.

For more information and/or to reserve these spaces, please see: http://writingcenter.case.edu/bellflower-hall-calendar/ or email: writingcenter@case.edu.