SAGES and the Writing Program are pleased to announce that we are seeking nominations for two awards for excellent writing instruction. These awards honor faculty who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to and success in teaching academic writing to CWRU undergraduate students. Information on how to nominate someone will be provided annually.

Jessica Melton Perry Award for Distinguished Teaching in Disciplinary and Professional Writing

This award recognizes teaching that has contributed to the development of student writing within academic and professional fields across the university (other than English). Nominees can be tenure-track or non-tenure track regular faculty currently employed in any school or college of CWRU.  This award is designed to recognize instructors who have helped their students publish academic/scholarly work, instructors/mentors of graduate/professional students, and/or instructors of SAGES Departmental Seminars and Senior Capstones (where discipline-specific writing is taught).

SAGES Excellence in Writing Instruction Award

This award is given annually to an instructor in the SAGES program who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to and success in teaching academic writing to CWRU undergraduates. Nominees may be at any rank, from graduate student writing instructor through tenured full professor, but they must have provided substantial writing instruction as part of one or more SAGES seminars during the academic year.  This award is designed to recognize faculty working in SAGES First and/or University Seminars.

WRC Excellence in Consulting Award

This award will be given annually to one WRC consultant currently working in the WRC in recognition of providing outstanding writing instruction to students of the University and service to the WRC during the academic year.

Graduate Dean’s Instructional Excellence Award

The Writing Program and SAGES may nominate graduate students for this award each year. For more information about the award, see: